Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can in most cases. If you are requiring a new or additional merchant number please phone Eftpos Now on 0800 33 33 04 and we will be able to assist you.

Eftpos Now offers a flexible range of options including a short term trial if you are a new business or business that needs to trial an Eftpos terminal to see how it goes.

When you use your EFTPOS debit or credit card to pay for goods or services in shops or online, chances are Paymark has played a part in the transaction. They are essentially the middleman, speaking with your bank and the point of sale technology (e.g. EFTPOS machine) to move money from your bank account to the place you are purchasing from. From their beginnings in 1989, they have grown to become New Zealand’s leading payments provider, processing over 75 per cent of all our nation’s electronic transactions.

Most new technology is Paywave capable. Call Eftpos Now on 0800 33 33 04 and we will assist in getting this set up for you. If you have an older terminal we will be able to talk to you about upgrading.

Yes, absolutely. There are terminals with different communications capabilities so whatever your comms set up is, Eftpos Now can help you with the right Eftpos terminal.

This is not crucial as each night your transactions automatically get transferred to your account whether you settle your Eftpos unit or not.

Eftpos rolls need to be thermal paper and can only print on one side, flip the roll over and you will find that it will start printing.

Each Eftpos unit can take up to 8 different merchants. This works well in situations such as doctor surgeries, Dentist clinics or any business where there are multiple people with different bank accounts needing to take payments through one terminal.

Electronic Offline Voucher (EOV) is a failover system which allows merchants to store transactions securely in offline mode should the connection to the banking network become temporarily unavailable. These transactions are processed once the connection to the banking network has been restored.

Your bank will be able to set you up to do both these functions. Please phone Eftpos Now for clarification around this on 0800 33 33 04.

The latest Eftpos technology self-updates periodically to ensure the Eftpos terminal always has the latest security software. The terminal will only be able to perform updates through either broadband or GPRS. If your terminal is still running over a phone line it will not update.