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Desk 5000

Open your desktop to a world of Business Apps with the Ingenico TETRA’s Desk 5000 and create a new consumer experience.

Meet the most demanding use cases with a seamless connection to external devices.

The Desk 5000 is the most innovative payment device, leveraging Business Apps and broad connections to external devices. The Desk 5000 meets the most demanding use cases, turning the point of sale into a point of service.


User-friendly and intuitive interface
Featuring powerful multimedia capabilities and a large 3.5-inch touch screen, the Desk 5000 provides best-in-class user experiences thanks to a rich interface with a wealth of business Apps.

Highest Security
The Desk 5000 is PCI-PTS 4.x certified. Its TELIUM Tetra OS uses the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proof key length.

Seamless NFC payment
The Desk 5000 boosts NFC payment by offering to customers a seamless experience through a dedicated card-reader zone and faster transaction flows.

An OS with secure payment and creative freedom
Backed by 30 years of experience, the TELIUM Tetra Operating System is the perfect combination of Ingenico Group’s legacy in payment expertise and openness to the web. It embeds the best security mechanisms to protect transaction privacy, while enabling the deployment of appealing HTML5 web-based rich media business apps.

Maximized network availability
Providing full spectrum wireless connectivity (3G, GPRS, Dual SIM, Bluetooth and WiFi), the Move/5000 offers the widest touch point flexibility while optimizing communication costs.

Built-in data capture capabilities
With its camera barecode scanner and GPS tracking, Desk 5000 enables alternative payment schemes and unlimited possibilities for business Apps.