Event Organiser Information

What we can offer you as an event organiser

Whether you organise one off events or have a regular programme of events we can put together an attractive rental proposal.

If you want to take advantage of our ‘event organiser benefits package’ we can also offer you an ‘Eftpos Now preferred supplier’ option.

Our service provides

  • An equipment information pack detailing our service and a booking form for you to email to your exhibitors
  • Handling of all exhibitor enquires relating to Eftpos / Cash Register rental
  • A courtesy call/email to remind exhibitors requiring equipment to complete their booking form
  • Processing of exhibitors bookings
  • Co-ordinated dispatch/delivery of equipment
  • Co-ordinated equipment return

As a preferred supplier we can offer your exhibitors

  • Discounted equipment rental rate
  • All inclusive pricing
  • Organisation of merchant numbers
  • Training and instruction guides
  • 24/7 technical support during the event

The benefits of using a preferred supplier is that you will have a well planned, co-ordinated approach to servicing a large number of your exhibitors. With a dedicated short-term rental consultant managing all the bookings and communicating with the exhibitors the whole process runs smoothly.