Ready to package and return your EFTPOS terminal and accessories after a successful rental period?

Due to the complex and sensitive nature of the EFTPOS hardware and technology, there are some key pointers to follow when preparing the EFTPOS terminals for delivery. Our outgoing parcels contain a quick guide outlining the returns process but here are some further tips that will ensure the terminals and their accessories are delivered to our offices safe and sound.

What is a Tamper Alert?

In short, a tamper alert (or alert irruption) is an error message you want to avoid at all costs.

Every EFTPOS terminal has a sophisticated security feature that prevents fraud and theft by alerting the merchant to unwanted modification, power disruptions, power surges, liquid and water damage, knocks, and falls. Inadequate padding and packaging can trigger such an error and correcting the fault requires the expertise of a qualified repairer.

Any of these scenarios might occur in day-to-day operation, so you should always treat your EFTPOS terminal with as much care as you would do a cell phone or laptop. Eftpos Now supply waterproof keypad covers (wet covers) which cafés and hospo clients find very beneficial. We can also offer strategies to avoid accidents and potential damage caused by insects, sand, and coffee grains.

To prevent damage, breakage, or the activation of an alert, it is crucial that the EFTPOS terminal be wrapped in bubble wrap to provide moisture protection and to insulate it from the natural bumps and turbulence it may encounter in transit.

Ideally, the packaging technique you employ should be the same as that used by EFTPOS Now when the parcel was first dispatched.

EFTPOS Return Instructions EFTPOS Return Instructions

How to package the EFTPOS terminal

  • Ensure all the components are present. Disconnect any charging or ethernet cables from the EFTPOS terminal to avoid twisting during transit.
  • Tie any cables loosely with a rubber band or wire tie.
  • Clean the terminal with a microfibre cloth to remove dust and debris it may have picked up during operation.
  • Place the terminal inside a bubble wrap pocket or as an alternative, use paper wrapping materials and a plastic bag to provide the same protection as the pocket would. Insert any other insulation materials you have on hand such as foam chips or screwed up newspaper, to provide an added buffer.
  • Always return the parcel in a cardboard box and never use a courier bag or satchel as this will most likely result in a tamper alert.
  • Firmly seal the carton.
  • Place the adhesive prepaid return courier label (supplied by Eftpos Now) on the outside of the carton and use any of the following methods to book the New Zealand Couriers collection service. If you cannot locate the return courier label, phone Eftpos Now on 0800 33 33 04.

How to book the return courier

There are 4 ways to enter the consignment into the New Zealand Couriers delivery network.  

Please note that if the collection/sender address has changed, you must phone us to produce a new and updated label for you. We recommend you make the booking when the parcel is at the pick-up location and ready to go.

  • Phone Eftpos Now on 0800 33 33 04 and we will find the original ticket in the New Zealand Couriers portal and book the collection on your behalf.
  • Phone New Zealand Couriers on 0800 800 841 from a landline and quote the consignment number from the label.
  • Type the URL from the return courier label into your browser and book the courier, noting any specific delivery instructions.
  • Find the nearest New Zealand Couriers agent to you and drop the parcel in to them (ensure the return courier label is affixed to the parcel so that it comes back to our offices).

Do not deliver the parcel to a Post Shop as New Zealand Post is not affiliated with our carrier, New Zealand Couriers.