We often take for granted how quick it is for tellers and shop assistants to process our payments through an EFTPOS terminal. When we find ourselves in the role of the merchant, suddenly the thought of operating an EFTPOS terminal can seem daunting. Using an EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) terminal is easier than using a cell phone and we’ll outline just how simple it is in the following article.

User-Friendly Interface

EFTPOS terminals typically have intuitive, user-friendly interfaces with clear instructions and options displayed on the screen. The functions they perform are those you specified to the bank or payment network when you applied for your merchant number. This includes processing refunds, accepting PayWave transactions and accepting different card types. The EFTPOS terminal is merely the secure conduit that enables you to perform all these functions, so it has been deliberately designed with simplicity and speed in mind. 

Training & Support

The level of support you receive from EFTPOS suppliers in New Zealand, can differ. Eftpos Now promises to be available to assist our clients through every step of the sales and after-sales process. Eftpos Now offers training and support to help users understand how to operate the terminal effectively. We provide guidance around processing transactions, resolving common issues, adhering to security protocols, and connecting to a data network. These instructions are easily communicated over the phone in the most concise manner, so you are not expending time and energy on this one small (but important) aspect of your business. Once mastered, you can easily train staff to use the technology, confident that there is little room for error.

EFTPOS machines


Acquiring your EFTPOS terminal through a reputable reseller like Eftpos Now will mean you will not be exposed to security risks. Operating an EFTPOS terminal carries a degree of responsibility to your card holders and to your own business. EFTPOS systems require compliance with security standards to protect sensitive financial data. Understanding and adhering to these security measures is simple and Eftpos Now ensures you have access to the most up to date security features. Fortunately, this does not require constant monitoring, and software updates are so simple that you won’t have to dedicate lots of time to this (very much like a mobile phone software update).

Technical Troubleshooting

The day-to-day operation of the EFTPOS terminal is straightforward, and you may experience occasional issues which are easily alleviated through basic troubleshooting steps for common problems (like paper insertion issues or connectivity problems). Once learned, you will be able to tackle these minor hiccups like a pro.

Transaction Reconciliation

Depending on your role or business, you may need to reconcile transactions at the end of the day. This involves verifying that the transactions processed match actual sales. Settlements can be performed with the touch of a button and both network providers (Worldline and Verifone) have handy portals where you can access reports that record your daily transactions. With several tools at your disposal, you can ensure you have accounted for all your takings.

Integration with Point-of-Sale Systems

Integrating an EFTPOS terminal with a point of sale (POS) systems such as a cash register or POS bundle will elevate sales and inventory recordkeeping. Eftpos Now can help with selecting the appropriate components for your business and if you have an existing EFTPOS terminal, find the most compatible and current POS systems to complement your business.


EFTPOS terminals will not work if a paper roll is not installed. Fortunately, the rolls are uniform in size, making them easy to source. Eftpos Now has very competitive pricing for all consumables. See our consumables page for more information.

EFTPOS terminals consumables


We have many clients who have upgraded or swapped their terminal as their business needs have evolved. The operation of an EFTPOS terminal does not vary vastly between models and brands so a change in terminal will not spell disruptions for your business. There are many common functions between models and the displays have been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Many of our short-term rental clients have received new EFTPOS terminals or a different terminal to their previous bookings but they are easily able to adapt.


Keeping abreast of technology is easy with the help of Eftpos Now. An EFTPOS terminal has a long lifespan but when they inevitably become obsolete, or their sunset dates are approaching, having a provider like Eftpos Now will ensure the transition to an upgraded EFTPOS terminal is seamless. We will forewarn you of industry updates and make the swap-out hassle free with no downtime whatsoever.


In summary, while there may be a learning curve initially, operating an EFTPOS terminal is not considered difficult. EFTPOS is a widely accepted and appreciated payment method due to its convenience, security, and efficiency so technical know-how is not a prerequisite to its operation.

With repetition and a bit of practice, you will become more comfortable with the routine operations and troubleshooting processes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Eftpos Now for guidance and support.

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