Not unlike the cell phone and microwave oven, mobile EFTPOS terminals in their formative years, were bulky, clunky, and slow. The terminal pictured weighed a whopping 3Kg and had a processing speed of 15 seconds!

The leaps and bounds made in EFTPOS technology, mobile network coverage and the miniaturisation of batteries and components, has transformed the mobile EFTPOS terminal into a sleek, versatile payment system that is invaluable in the marketplace.

Clients who prefer mobile EFTPOS terminals range from taxi drivers and food truck operators to drivers who support the elderly – basically anyone who is out and about and enjoys the certainty of instant payment. Eftpos Now rent these units on a long or short-term basis, or we provide very competitive prices for those wanting to purchase the terminals and own them outright.

Our short-term rental clients, who return time and time again, include event organisers, schools, and seasonal produce growers. Our mobile EFTPOS terminals provide the portability and practicality suited to the diverse environments and conditions our clients operate in.

Advantages of Mobile EFTPOS


There are benefits to using a countertop EFTPOS terminal like that in a dairy or hairdresser, but when mobility is essential, New Zealand’s extensive cellular data network has provided a reliable and ever- expanding means of connecting to payment networks. With the major carriers (Spark, One New Zealand and 2 Degrees) all claiming 98.5% coverage in cities and towns, truly ‘remote’ locations are rapidly shrinking.

Payment Versatility

Merchants constantly tell us that they are acutely aware that the population has shifted away from carrying cash. Losing a sale due to lack of payment options motivates many of our new clients to explore the range of products and services we provide.  

Health & Safety

The requisite for flexibility was heightened during lockdowns where distancing restrictions often meant payments were transacted in doorways and through windows.

Maintaining distancing measures may still be relevant post-pandemic, such as in a medical setting and, with all our terminals being payWave capable, the convenience of waving a card reduces contact with surfaces and physical cash.


Those with limited mobility who find it hard to reach a counter can easily handle the mobile EFTPOS terminal in a position that is less awkward.


Queue busting is an added advantage, allowing hospitality and ticketing staff to meet their patrons where they congregate. Street collectors and those taking donations, can easily move through crowds to take payments effortlessly and without the need to stay within range of a Wi-Fi signal. As we all know, personal engagement will increase the likelihood of closing sales and garnering donations.

Mobile EFTPOS portability

How do mobile EFTPOS terminals work?

If being tethered to a counter or desk is not practical, then an EFTPOS terminal with wireless connectivity is extremely handy. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G options mean our merchants have multiple options when connecting to the relevant payment network.

We use Vodafone or Spark SIM cards to ensure our clients use the mobile network best suited to their geographical area, and these will seek out the nearest cell phone tower to communicate with the payment network. When a client specifies that there is Wi-Fi available, we will ensure there is a SIM card inserted into the terminal to provide seamless failover.

Despite there being several small mobile devices and cell phone-based solutions in the market, Eftpos Now are proud of our traditional EFTPOS terminals that have proven to be reliable, user friendly, and robust, with the ability to instantaneously print receipts.

How long will the battery last?

The longevity of battery charge depends on many variables: the volume of transactions, the stability of the network signal (as it will exhaust power constantly looking for connectivity) and the number of receipts printed. It is also important not to overcharge the terminal by leaving it on charge indefinitely as this will adversely affect battery health.

Our EFTPOS terminals always leave our offices charged, but they will naturally lose their charge in transit, so we do encourage charging the night prior, or the morning of, as well as taking every opportunity to charge the terminal when crowds and customers subside.

The older Ingenico models in our fleet will keep their charge for 6-8 hours once charged. These are often requested by our returning clients as they enjoy the reliability and durability of these soon-to-be obsolete models. There is something to be said for older models!

We ensure the necessary power bank (and relevant cable) are dispatched with the newer EFTPOS terminals should we deem this necessary. Ask about our car chargers as these can be helpful as a back-up power source in remote locations.

How do I get a mobile EFTPOS terminal?

We pride ourselves on our personal attention to queries so feel free to contact us on 0800 33 33 04 should you wish to discuss any aspect of the rental or purchase process.

The review below (from Flamingo Paperie, Christchurch) reflects the gratitude our clients express when their investment in a mobile EFTPOS terminal proves to be a positive and worthwhile experience.

EFTPOS now testimonials

In the world of EFTPOS technology, change is constant and we look forward to helping you navigate the options to find the solution best suited to you and your business.

Featured photo credit: Joel Lenhardt, LinkedIn