Eftpos Now are market leaders in the provision of EFTPOS terminals, POS, portable POS, Cash Registers and Kiosks. These can be purchased – or rented on a long-term or short-term basis. Short-term EFTPOS rental comes with many benefits such as flexibility, the ability to trial hardware and software options, and to meet periods of high demand.

What is considered a ‘short-term EFTPOS rental’?

Eftpos Now deems any rental period under 6 months in duration a ‘short-term EFTPOS rental’.

‘Short-term’ is a dynamic aspect of our business as the turnaround times are often very quick, the delivery timeframes are tight, and the stakes are high. The excitement and anticipation are palpable and the elation when things go well, which they inevitably do, is always a source of great satisfaction for all parties involved.

All our hardware is available on a short-term basis – not just EFTPOS terminals, and we offer full technical support to those clients who receive our POS bundles, portable POS, and cash registers so that the prospect of using multiple components is not daunting.

Clients who rent our equipment for 1 day or a weekend are often event organisers, stall holders, schools, and charities. Longer rental periods of 4 or 5 consecutive months suit our seasonal clients such as produce growers, orchardists, Christmas tree sellers, bands on tour, and our existing long-term clients who need an extra terminal to cover busy sale periods. 

The onset of Spring and Summer months brings a flurry of enquiry, last minute bookings, and returning clients who are confident that Eftpos Now have the inventory to meet demand and have demonstrated expertise and reliability year in and year out. We outpace our competition when it comes to delivering at short notice, supplying large volumes and on-the-ground support that is a rarity these days.

Short-term EFTPOS rentals are often ad-hoc or occasional bookings that are convenient for clients who don’t want to be saddled with a rental agreement. We do however review ongoing short-term rental spends and will recommend a discussion with one of our long-term rental consultants when a long-term agreement would be more cost effective. 

When disaster strikes

During COVID, Eftpos Now reached out to clients to offer them Mobile EFTPOS terminals under a short-term agreement. We anticipated that the demand for these would be high due to social distancing measures and the uptake was excellent, especially in pharmacies and medical centres.

The recent unprecedented weather events in New Zealand, particularly in the Hawkes Bay region, generated an urgent demand for EFTPOS terminals. Foodstuffs North Island approached Eftpos Now to supply a sizeable quantity of EFTPOS units to flood and weather-stricken stores. Without these terminals, which were deployed to Four Square and New World stores, affected communities could not purchase grocery items due to the scarcity of cash. We were delighted to meet their deadlines with the haste and nimbleness required and play a small role in their recovery strategy.

Current trends

We are finding that many clients who once dealt only in cash are noticing that customers at markets, galas, book fairs and fundraisers, just aren’t carrying notes and coins in their wallets anymore. If they do carry cash, obviously the funds are finite and don’t allow for sprees and splurges! A really simple way to counter this, is to opt for an EFTPOS terminal that accepts debit and EFTPOS cards as this entry level option can make a world of difference. 

The overwhelming majority of our clients in fast paced industries are seeking the instantaneous nature of payWave, especially in bars and eateries where a customer fumbling for their card can slow down the momentum! All our EFTPOS terminals are payWave enabled so we can always accommodate their requests and help them offset any merchant fees incurred by programming surcharges into outgoing terminals.

While we sell and rent cash registers, we have an amazing new portable POS solution that surpasses the cash register in terms of portability, ease of shipping, and aesthetics through to back-office programming and analytics. It’s our hero product that warrants its own blog post. This product is spearheading portable point-of-sale terminals, and we are proud to have this technology in our fleet.

POS bundles (touch screen, printer, scanner, and cash drawer) are extremely popular, and we can pare back the software modules to suit a simple short-term EFTPOS rental arrangement. Great for pop up stores, factory sales, merchandise sales and huge concerts, they provide everything you might see in a retail environment, delivered, and programmed with ease.

Benefits of a short-term EFTPOS rental 


No fixed-term-rental-agreements mean rental can roll over from one month to the next until your sale or event has ended, or you have opted to become a long-term client. We have many clients who rent for a month and will extend their booking as they continue to reap the benefits of providing multiple payment options to their customers. 


If you’re wanting to trial using an EFTPOS or POS terminal for the first time, or you’d like to sample a unit that differs from one you currently use, then a short-term rental from Eftpos Now makes perfect sense. We have a suite of options to choose from and can offer very competitive prices as well as our acclaimed support throughout the entire rental process. When you find the option that works for you, you can request it each time you host a sale or event (we keep your preferences and programming notes on file), or you may decide to commit to a long-term rental agreement so you can transact daily, weekly, or as often as you choose.


When you rent from Eftpos Now, both on a short-term and long-term basis, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered for faults, and software and hardware upgrades. You won’t have to worry about missing out on any new advancements. Our service desk is available 24/7 so you have the certainty of knowing that even if your event goes well into the night, help is only a phone call away.


Due to the tempo and urgency of events and sales, you may have staff and volunteers that have limited training in point-of-sale technology. We can intentionally program our equipment without extras and peripherals that may be downright unnecessary. This will ensure that operation, assembly, and training is as simple as possible. 


You may decide that you would prefer a countertop EFTPOS terminal or POS terminal for one event, and a few months down the track, require portable POS and mobile EFTPOS terminals. Whatever the event calls for, and whatever connectivity options are available (Wi-Fi, GPRS, ethernet), we have the solutions to suit.

Network & Merchant Fees

Renting an EFTPOS on a short-term basis means you can activate and utilise your merchant services for the length of time that is appropriate for the event you are hosting. You can liaise with your bank to ensure you are not paying merchant fees for months where you are not actually trading.


Many of our permanent/long-term rental clients encounter times where they need additional resources for pop-up/warehouse sales, expos, and trade fairs and to see them through busy trading times. Ranging from days to months, we can offer a special rental rate to help our valuable clients through these peaks. Our equipment can integrate with existing hardware (which we are conversant with), making the short-term EFTPOS rental process a breeze.


Our short-term EFTPOS rental team is accustomed to the urgent nature of short-term rental enquiries. As we deliver nationwide and via the NZ Couriers’ vast network, we can take a call at 3pm on a weekday and have the parcel in the hands of a client down-country the very next business day. It’s non-anxiety-inducing for us as we do it so often and it’s satisfying when we’ve surpassed the expectations of our clients and saved the day! 

Vendor/Exhibitor liaison

Eftpos Now is often enlisted by the event organisers of large events to liaise directly with vendors and exhibitors. This ensures all the exhibitors have equal access to EFTPOS terminals, our full support and special event pricing. Event organisers can leave this aspect of the event to us as we organise delivery, return couriers and administration. It’s a partnership that works very well and we look forward to each ensuing year full of exciting events.


By far the greatest benefit of investing in an EFTPOS terminal is broadening your payment options for your valuable paying customers and card holders. Physical banking services are becoming less accessible so obtaining cash and popping away to source cash from a nearby ATM is becoming more challenging. Limited payment options will adversely affect sales and the sinking feeling of having lost a customer is a scenario we can help you avoid.

Short-term EFTPOS Rentals: In conclusion

The list above is not exhaustive, but you’ll agree that the benefits of a short-term EFTPOS rental are vast. Our fleet is well tested in the New Zealand marketplace, suited to the rigours of short-term rental environments, and Eftpos Now have the capacity to fulfil order quantities of any magnitude. There is no rental term too short or too long and we’d love to chat with you to hear all about the exciting events you’re organising. Our dedicated consultant can compile an all-inclusive quotation for you and have the EFTPOS terminal safely and swiftly on its way to you within hours!

Learn more and do not hesitate to contact us today.