Ideal Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Buy 10 & Get Your Next Coffee FREE!

If loyalty is a promotion offered in your cafe, then Idealpos is here to help. Simply by adding customers and linking them with either a code/number, a name or a barcode, Idealpos will track their rewards and store this information in the database.

For example each time a customer purchases a coffee, Idealpos will update their loyalty progress enabling you to let them know how many are required until their free one. When a free coffee is available you will be prompted at the end of the sale to ask them if they wish to redeem it. Redemptions can be accumulated and may be used within the one sale.


Customer Loyalty

Idealpos allows you to easily offer a membership and points system to increase customer loyalty. It's a well known business fact that it's easier to keep a customer than it is to attract a new one. When customers feel they receive a bonus or other beneficial service from a business they have bought from, they are more likely to return, often telling their friends about it.

Customers can be added to sale quickly by swiping or scanning their loyalty card. Points can also be offered on specific items that might be part of a promotion. If required Idealpos can print small batch loyalty cards to fulfil this requirement.

  • Use Points which accumulate for in-house purchases or specials offered to members only
  • Customers can pay for items with both points and standard tenders
  • Customers are more likely to return to your venue
  • A sense of ownership and status helps to create lasting relationships
  • Offer bonuses on stock items to members to help move out of date stock