Ideal Online Ordering

Do you want your customers to be able to order ahead to save them time when they get to your venue? Lucky for you, Idealpos can handle that scenario.

Utilising an Idealpos module called WebIT, we can take orders a number of ways using various online portals. Customers simply place their order, you will receive it on your POS and can make it when required.

We also link to third-party app makers like MR YUM who streamline this process even further.


Cost Effective Delivery

Slice your total delivery costs in half. You can use your own staff or outsource each job – and you own the customer data.

Order ahead and pickup

Allow customers to order in advance for pickup to build your brand and drive extra sales volume.

QR code table ordering

Increase average spend, create labour efficiencies, remove admin and provide a great customer experience that enhances hospitality.

Mr Yum

Your beautiful Mr Yum menu powers any combo of ordering you want. Your customers can order from their table, from their couch at home, or down the street before they pick up.

There’s no app to download.

We're 100% web-based. For dine-in, with COVID-19, customers will want to order from their own device, avoiding touching communal menus or eftpos.