SalesPoint for Events

One of the frustrations of mobile transacting is not knowing your current situation, how much stock do we have? How much have we sold? What is our turnover?

SalesPoint has the answer, POS meets EFTPOS in one easy to use temrminal giving your real time reporting at your finger tips.

Taking your  Event to the next level.

All in One Terminal – POS and EFTPOS in one terminal, no more tablets with seoerate EFTPOS.

Online Ordering – Take it a step further and give your customers the option to order online to speed up customer service.

Real Time Reporting – SalesPoint reports to the Cloud giving you up to date realtime reports, you can even add or delete new products, chnage prices on the fly.

Sim Card or Wifi Connectivity – Depending on your situation, connectivity can be either simcard or Wifi…. or both… for reliable performance.

Email or Print Receipts – Either connect or printer for customer receipts, or email receipts directly from the terminal saving papaer and money.