There is no question that technology is taking over every aspect of our lives, and businesses are no exception. Self-service kiosks are becoming more and more popular which correlates with the New Zealand Business Confidence statistics recently reporting improved Business Mood.

Self-service Kiosks offer a way for consumers to bypass queues and save valuable time. Investing in self-service kiosks is not just beneficial for customers and guests – it is also a smart move for businesses. In this blog, we will be exploring why investing in self-service kiosks is a good investment move for businesses.

Benefits of Self-service Kiosks

In New Zealand, self-service kiosks are gaining popularity and Eftpos Now have seen enquiry increase exponentially. Kiosks have been adopted so readily that we are flying technicians all over the country to personally install hardware and train end users to use the POS, kiosks, and software to their optimum.

The list below is just a fraction of the full benefits of hiring or purchasing a self-service kiosk. You can find the full list here.

Increased Efficiency

Investing in self-service kiosks means that businesses can reduce the amount of time customers are spending in queues, making the entire sales process faster and more efficient. Customers will appreciate the fact that they can order and pay for their desired items quickly and effortlessly, without the need to wait in line or wait for an assistant to become available. This is especially important in retail and quick-service restaurant businesses, where the pace of product and service delivery is often the leading point of difference.

Reduced Costs

In addition to the increased efficiency that self-service kiosks provide, they can also save businesses money. Self-service kiosks can take over some common duties that employees are tasked with, such as taking orders and processing payments. This does not spell the end of real-life, human customer service, but rather, frees up staff to attend to other duties within the business. These tasks often involve improving cleanliness, inventory management, and overseeing workflow. This visibility and freedom is liberating for many businesses.

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Improved Customer Experience

Investing in self-service kiosks can improve the customer experience by allowing individuals to have more control over their orders. Customers can take as much time as they need to customise their orders in a way that may not be possible when dealing with a traditional cashier. Additionally, customers who prefer not to interact with people due to language barriers, disabilities, or concerns about hygiene (during Covid), can enjoy the distanced and non-pressured approach to ordering.

Competitive Advantage

Investing in self-service kiosks can give businesses a competitive advantage. In a world where customers expect to order and transact quickly, self-service kiosks are a valuable tool for businesses to build a reputation of being fast and accurate. Customers are better informed (often having viewed menus online before entering the store or having responded to advertising) so their visit is the final stage of the shopping process, and they want this to be as effortless as online shopping.

Data Collection

Another benefit of investing in self-service kiosks is that they provide merchants with the ability to analyse sales, inventory, and customer preferences. By gathering data on the most ordered items and popular customisation options, businesses can adjust their menus and offerings, thus staying relevant and avoiding wastage.


Unless the screens are powered down, a self-service kiosk never rests. Whilst switched on and illuminated, it is a visual sign that the venue is open and ready for business, and it can also advertise promotions and tantalising graphics to passersby. In a world where everyone, including youngsters, are conversant with touch screens and ‘shopping carts’ this is an alluring and novel addition to the point-of-sale aspect of your business.

Modular Additions

POS and Kiosk software is constantly evolving in line with the way consumers want to be marketed to, shop and pay. Front-facing ordering options can easily be changed to reflect promotions and sales, promotional bundles can be administered, and new items can be highlighted and showcased. Back-of-house, staff can trial different functionalities, then tailor the programming in response to the feedback of their team, and that of the customers. This makes for a truly customisable and buildable solution, tailored to proven business processes and workflow.

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How can Eftpos Now assist you?

We’re unique amongst our competitors because each step of a self-service kiosk sale or rental has our technical backing, personal oversight, and face-to-face installation service. We’ve teamed up with idealpos who are trusted to provide Eftpos Now, and our valued clients, with the most up to date and relevant solutions. It is this partnership that has positioned us so strongly in the marketplace as we have access to a huge knowledge base, and we know the product intimately. We stand by the reliability of the hardware and software to deliver a solution that is suited to each individual client and their unique business goals.


Investing in self-service kiosks is a good investment for businesses looking to improve their customer experience, re-deploy labour and stand out in a competitive market. Today’s customers expect a fast, efficient, and personalised experience, and self-service kiosks are a powerful tool to achieve these goals. By investing in self-service kiosks, businesses can stay ahead of the competition, gather valuable data, and provide a more satisfying experience for their customers. So, if you’re a business owner looking to make the most of your resources, investing in self-service kiosks is certainly worth considering.

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