Self-service kiosks are revolutionising the retail and hospitality environment in New Zealand.

Savvy Kiwi businesses are enjoying the versatility, efficiency, and aesthetics of interactive kiosks. For business owners keen on sampling the technology, navigating the options in the marketplace can be daunting. Fortunately, Eftpos Now offers honest advice throughout the consultation, demonstration, installation, and support phases of the relationship.

Why choose Eftpos Now for your kiosk needs?

Our leading sellers are the Element K22 and Sam4S SK kiosks which we couple with IdealPOS software to provide the perfect holistic solution for cafes, restaurants, and takeaway outlets. We deftly lead our clients through the entire acquisition process and our service extends to helping them obtain a merchant number for each accompanying EFTPOS terminal. That’s quite a unique proposition in such a competitive market and far superior to the flat packed options flooding the market.

The self-service kiosk itself, is the prominent, front-facing component of an integrated POS bundle and Eftpos Now can help you decide on the best solution for your business while covering customisation and peripherals available to further enhance order flow within your business. Every aspect of the tailored solution will reflect your unique business practices and standards and will operate in a way that feels logical and intuitive to you.

You’re assured that the finished product is sleek, tidy and eye-catching. Our screens range from 21 inches to 33 inches, so size, scale and impact are only limited by your imagination. Tantalising and dynamic graphics help you capture and hold the attention of any demographic – especially those accustomed to screen time, instant gratification, and visual stimuli. Whether the kiosk stands alone, is wall mounted or sits on a countertop, your customers will gravitate towards them – especially in the New Zealand retail environment where Kiosks are far more popular than in Australia (where shoppers and diners tend to favour the use of QR codes).

Eftpos Now are experiencing marked growth in the number of self-service kiosk enquiries we’re receiving and are excited that the technology is gaining popularity and proving it’s staying power in the New Zealand retail and hospitality environments.

What was once aspirational technology for takeaways, restaurants, and cafes is now more accessible and economical. Eftpos Now can help you crunch the numbers and you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you realise the fiscal benefits of having implemented or updated your automated ordering system.

What are the benefits of a self-service kiosk?

Queue busting

Self-service kiosks reduce long wait times by shortening queues and streamlining the ordering process. Reduced pressure on cashiers and wait staff creates a more pleasant shopping experience and a happier workplace. You can redirect your valuable team members to where they are needed most such as kitchen duties, table clearing or product replenishment. This can result in those golden Google reviews that we are all aspiring to!

Order customisation

Kiosks offer improved personalisation of orders for customers, as they provide greater customisation options than traditional ordering methods. Visual selections are dynamic and easier to explore than static menus and with drop down options and add-ons available, the opportunity to upsell is maximised. Customers can select their desired items at their own pace, within their budget and with the option to change their mind should they choose.

Customer engagement

Although being placed on hold for hours is becoming commonplace in New Zealand when phoning a call centre, customers in a bricks and mortar store or dining precinct will not tolerate such an inconvenience. Fortunately, self-service kiosks ensure customers are engaged the minute they enter the premises so if the cashier is busy, tending to other matters or absent, the risk of losing the sale is greatly reduced.

Return on investment

Self-service kiosks pay for themselves many times over. Lower overheads mean the business can focus more of their resources on customer service, quality improvements, expansion, cleanliness, and training.

Logical order preparation and prioritisation

The software is capable of organising internal workflow in a logical, stress-free manner. The order preparation sequence helps to prioritise those items that take less time to prepare, over items that may require cooking and preparation time. It truly thinks in a hospitable manner!


Kiosks provide another dynamic form of advertising for hospitality venues. Customers can view ads on approach, when they place an order, during wait times (after order placement), and as they walk past the venue. These can be played on loop and are easily changed out when a fresh new advertising campaign is introduced.


The software can detect pre-determined individual items (selected in any sequence) and produce a combination option and/or bundle price. (e.g., buy 3 for the price of 2).

Remote support

Support does not entail a visit from a technician. Troubleshooting and support can be provided over the phone or via remote access.

Easy programming and editing

Our POS software supports the cloning of programming from one terminal to another. Our clients can make changes to prices and SKUs and these can be easily replicated to each point of sale.

Great reporting and analytics

The superior back-end reporting, stock control and security functions yield enormous dividends. As the software is modular, you can select the functionality and features you require, nothing more, nothing less.

Easy assembly

For such striking and impactful apparatus, self-service kiosks are relatively simple to assemble and only require Wi-Fi/broadband and power to operate. Following the initial phone call and consultation, the kiosk can be installed and fully operational in 3 – 4 weeks. If the installation is taking place in a new fitout, we can even visit and point out where data and electrical outlets should be located!

How will a self-service kiosk improve the customer experience?

In an age where reviews can be posted in many forums (Facebook, Menulog, Google & Tripadvisor, to name a few) the opportunity for retailers to defuse, explain or compensate a negative customer experience can be fleeting. It is crucial to provide the best possible experience on the first visit as you may never get a second bite at the cherry.

The benefits gained from quicker end-of-day accounting and settlement, and ease of order placement will free up staff for other important aspects of the customer experience. The organisation and professionalism will impress your customers and put you on par with some of the bigger fast-food chains in terms of efficiency and service timeframes (if this is appropriate for your business). In a restaurant setting, you can improve the dining experience to be as efficient as possible so that meals arrive together and within respectable timeframes. 

Customers are constantly seeking the wow factor and experiential dining is becoming all the rage. Whilst the self-service kiosk cannot offer the ‘Karen’s Diner’ or ‘Brick Burger’ dining experiences, the kiosk is still a novelty and a step up from traditional ordering methods.

Are self-service kiosks unhygienic?

As with all surfaces in a retail or hospitality environment, it is important to maintain high standards of hygiene. This became apparent in the last few years but has served to set a healthy benchmark across all industries and venues. The time saved by employing the self- service kiosk technology can be allocated to the periodic cleaning of the screens as an important part of your team’s daily schedule. 

Other applications

Kiosks aren’t purely for the quick-service hospitality industry, they are also popular in the tourism space, allowing visitors to access detailed information about attractions, activities, and places of interest before purchasing the tickets instantaneously.

Will my customers struggle with a kiosk?

The New Zealand news site ‘Stuff’ reported in 2021 that over 53% of the population engage in online shopping, with the most growth being in the over 60s age group. There needn’t be a concern that customers won’t be able to navigate through a kiosk menu as this is often much simpler than the online shopping experience. In fact, it is a very logical addition to the omni-channel retail experience. The software is not so sophisticated that it renders kiosks non-user friendly.

Where to next?

If you would like to find out more about our current kiosk options and learn about some exciting new technology on the horizon, please contact Eftpos Now on 0800 33 33 04. Alternatively, ask about the demo corner/show room in our Auckland-based office where we’d be happy to host you and demonstrate just how remarkable and attainable self-service kiosks can be!