In the bustling business world, Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale (EFTPOS) systems serve as the backbone of day-to-day transactions in New Zealand. These systems not only make payments easier but also keep financial transactions secure. With technology evolving fast and fraud getting smarter, keeping EFTPOS systems secure through regular updates isn’t just important, it’s essential. Hence, the 2024 EFTPOS upgrade requirements for Payment Card Industry (PCI) 3.x EFTPOS devices is a significant milestone in the ongoing commitment to secure and efficient payment solutions.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of the 2024 EFTPOS upgrades for your business and detail the essential steps. Keep informed, retain customers, and stay competitive by staying ahead.

EFTPOS for Businesses

Before diving deeper into the EFTPOS upgrade details, we should refresh our memory on what EFTPOS is and its pivotal role in business. EFTPOS, or Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale, is a system that allows businesses of any size in New Zealand to facilitate electronic payments. This technology enables customers to pay for goods and services using their debit or credit cards directly via the EFTPOS terminal, offering a seamless and efficient transaction process. By offering a convenient and secure payment solution, EFTPOS enables businesses to elevate customer service and stay competitive in the dynamic market landscape.

The Evolution of EFTPOS Technology

EFTPOS technology has come a long way from its inception in the 1980s. Early systems relied on phone lines, and card swipes led to manual entry of transaction amounts. Contactless transactions, PIN verification, and integration with point-of-sale (POS) software have accelerated the system’s speed and security. The current EFTPOS upgrade phase marks a migration to more advanced hardware and software to meet updated security standards.

2024 EFTPOS Upgrade

The 2024 EFTPOS upgrade is a big deal for businesses using electronic payment systems. If you have the 3.x hardware, it will be considered outdated and won’t work with the Worldline network. This means you won’t be able to take payments with terminals using 3.x hardware as of 30th June 2024.

Businesses should prioritise this upgrade as it directly impacts their ability to accept card payments from their customers, especially considering that 77.7% of the New Zealand population uses EFTPOS/Debit cards for everyday transactions. This upgrade goes beyond technology and payment processing; it’s about ensuring you can continue providing your customers with secure, seamless, and reliable payment solutions.

We know you may have questions about the 2024 EFTPOS upgrade and its impact on your business. Explore the frequently asked questions about the transition process along with our responses.

How an EFTPOS Terminal Can Benefit Your Business

What Terminals Need To Be Upgraded?

The directive for upgrading EFTPOS terminals targets all terminals operating on Payment Card Industry (PCI) 3.x hardware. These terminals are mandated to be replaced with newer models.

When Will The EFTPOS Upgrade Happen?

The EFTPOS upgrade should be completed before the 30th June 2024 deadline. This means that all businesses using terminals operating on 3.x hardware must replace their current systems with new terminals before this date. For a smooth transition without disruptions, start your upgrade early!

How Do I Upgrade A Terminal?

The process of updating your EFTPOS terminal is straightforward – your EFTPOS terminal provider is your go-to resource. They have the expertise and the inventory to ensure your business transitions smoothly to the new requirements. They’ll be able to guide you through selecting a new terminal, setting it up, and making sure it runs correctly with the Worldline network.

For Eftpos Now customers, the process is even simpler. You won’t have to lift a finger to upgrade your terminals (well, maybe just one finger to dial our number). Reach out to our team, and we’ll handle every aspect of the upgrade for you. From selecting the right terminal that meets the new standards to installing it and ensuring it’s fully operational, we’ve got you covered.

How Do I Identify My EFTPOS Terminal Hardware?

Identifying the hardware of your EFTPOS terminal is crucial for ensuring you are ready for the 2024 EFTPOS upgrade. Follow these steps to determine whether your terminal requires an upgrade:

  1. Locate your terminal model – Begin by finding the brand and model of your terminal. This information is usually printed directly on the terminal itself.
  2. Verify the hardware version – With your terminal model in hand, visit this page and check what hardware your terminal operates on.
  3. Initiate the upgrade process if necessary – If it’s confirmed that your terminal operates on 3.x hardware, contact your EFTPOS provider to discuss upgrading your terminal.

For current Eftpos Now customers or businesses looking to join us, we’re here to streamline this process. Our team will guide you through each of these steps, ensuring that your business remains compliant, secure, and ready to serve your customers without interruption.

What Happens If I Don’t Upgrade?

Failing to upgrade your EFTPOS terminal by the 30th June 2024 deadline can significantly impact your business operations. Terminals using the outdated 3.x hardware will be at risk of being disconnected from the Worldline network immediately following this date. The disconnect results in businesses with outdated terminals being unable to accept card payments.

Personal EFTPOS machine

Why Should I Upgrade?

The 2024 EFTPOS upgrade is crucial to protect your business from evolving security threats. Newer models offer advanced security features, shielding both your financial data and customers’ payment information. Ensure transaction security, safeguard your reputation, and earn customer trust.

Who Is My EFTPOS Provider?

If you’re uncertain about who your current EFTPOS terminal provider is, a simple way to find out is by checking your terminal for any identifying stickers. Most EFTPOS terminals will have a sticker placed by the provider that includes their contact information. This can include the provider’s name, customer service phone number, and even a website. If such a sticker is present, reaching out using contact information provided is the quickest way to identify and connect with your provider.

Why Was The Upgrade Postponed?

If you’ve been using an EFTPOS terminal for a while, you might remember the original upgrade date was 31st October 2023. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated tech and supply chain shortages, the deadline was moved to 30th June 2024. With a few months left, there’s no talk of extending the deadline again. Act now to secure your upgrade and keep your business compliant and ready for market changes.

Upgrade Your PCI  EFTPOS Terminal 

In brief, businesses must upgrade EFTPOS terminals to the latest hardware by 30th June 2024, to keep accepting card payments. This upgrade boosts security, protects financial data, and retains customer trust. Replace outdated 3.x hardware promptly to avoid disconnection from the Worldline network and to stay compliant, secure, and competitive.

To our valued Eftpos Now customers, remember, we’re just a call away to assist you in preparing for the 2024 EFTPOS upgrade and ensuring a smooth transition.

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