Point of Sale (POS) systems are a great addition to any service or product-based business, in any industry. They are essential assets that can make business operations more efficient and improve customer experience through transactional speed and accuracy. POS systems are no longer limited to cash registers since they have evolved     into versatile solutions, both hardware and software, that provide sales and inventory oversight. 

SalesPoint POS is an exciting addition to the Eftpos Now product range and one that has already generated a lot of interest and positive feedback.

Let’s explore the benefits of a T650P EFTPOS terminal loaded with Salespoint POS and explain why this all in one POS system may be the right solution for your business or event.

What is the Salespoint POS?

SalesPoint POS is an intuitive and simple interface that makes transacting effortless and reduces customer wait times, simplifies staff training, and hosts a suite of insightful business tools.

In a nutshell, it is a POS system (like one you might see in a restaurant or hair salon), encapsulated in an EFTPOS terminal – effectively, one point of service! You can select sale items, select add-ons, customise orders, and take payment – all on one hand-held android device. It is truly remarkable! At your fingertips is cloud-based real-time reporting that can be accessed using your phone, tablet, or laptop so you can view your business activities while on-the-go!

Our great range of countertop POS systems are still highly beneficial and irreplaceable in some trading environments. Anyone who sells under 100 products or service items may want to explore SalesPoint POS and its comprehensive range of functions. It’s an amazing application that is simple and innovative, providing all the benefits of a traditional POS system but on a smaller scale!

Paired with the sleek T650P EFTPOS terminal, you’ll have a portable POS system suited to any indoor or outdoor environment.

Centralised Administration

SalesPoint POS provides a solution for businesses looking to simplify their business processes. It brings together all aspects of sales and inventory management, essentially providing a central management point for administrative duties. With SalesPoint POS, all essential business processes are unified in one place, facilitating decision making and instantaneous recall and editing. 

You can view reports at a glance (online or as a spreadsheet) and track KPIs to help motivate your team and improve performance. With the ability to cull items that are not selling, you can focus your energy on high performing goods and services.

Improved Accuracy with SalesPoint POS

Improved Accuracy

SalesPoint POS can improve efficiency by streamlining manual processes and eliminating keying errors. Once the programming is complete, there is no need for laborious keying or endless scrolling as building a shopping cart/new sale is as simple as selecting from a menu, with items grouped logically and popular items displayed prominently. You don’t need to memorise promotional bundles as these will be instantly recognised when relevant items are purchased together.

Increased Mobility

Mobility is essential in today’s fast-paced business environment. Using a SalesPoint POS, businesses can transact from anywhere in the store, warehouse, operational area or outdoors. The terminal holds customer, product, and sales data, eliminating the need to return to a workstation to access this information.

Control and Customisation

One significant advantage of SalesPoint POS is the ability to customise the system according to specific business needs. The system can be tailored to provide specific insights into business trends, track and manage inventory in real-time, and even provide metrics relevant to customer behavior. This improves the business’s ability to make informed decisions that enhance customer experience and drive sales. 

With notes added to sales and customer info, you can personally customise each sale and leave your customer feeling valued and understood. Loyalty programs can be blanket or specific and are easily administered alongside vouchers and gift cards. Customer feedback is also recorded so you and your team can focus on improving or maintaining aspects of service that have been highlighted by specific clientele.

Staff actions and activity can be tracked easily, keeping commission and timesheet tracking accurate.

Enhanced Security

Permissions can be set up to provide tiered security features, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access confidential business data.

Data encryption is cutting edge, so all data and confidential information is kept secure on the device and in the cloud. 


Although paper receipts can be produced at the time of sale, there is the option to send a duplicate copy via email. When receipts are sent by email, you are effectively building your mailing list. Use this to blast out emails to a segment or your entire customer base when you have promotions.

Ease of use

Take advantage of the large button displays and the ability to logically sort and highlight your most popular items. Customisable fonts are great for both staff and clientele, especially where sight impairment may be an issue. Customising a sale (whether a service or a product) is as simple as selecting add-ons or specific preferences and follows a method that is already commonly used online or in kiosks, so the process is simple and familiar.

The handheld terminal can split payments, connect to other SalesPoint POS devices (or other ‘lanes’), and connect to printers. The built-in camera is capable of scanning barcodes, so the entire set up takes up a smaller footprint and doesn’t require other peripherals. The battery life is impressive also.

Ease of use SalesPoint POS


One of the most exciting aspects of Salespoint is the ability to manage bookings and appointments. Rather than pay for an additional web-based service that receives and records online bookings, Salespoint POS provides this built-in calendar feature in their premium package. Push notifications send out reminder texts to guests and customers, reducing time spent on phoning clients and reducing the likelihood of no-shows.

Inventory Management

Easily monitor (across multiple stores) sales and inventory statistics. You can create stock orders and record returns as well as discover trends. Stock take can be performed with ease and managing supplier information is simple (as this is equally as important as customer data).


Say goodbye to repetitive programming. Once your baseline programming is complete, you can clone this across all compatible devices and edit with ease.


Useful prompts can be created to highlight to sales staff the products that would complement the sale or are often purchased alongside a product or service. Whether your staff are new, or seasoned professionals, it always helps to have these cues pop up at point of sale.


A truly exceptional feature is the ability to interface with E-commerce. If you have a website that drives a portion of your sales or you’re embarking on this universal sales channel, then Salespoint provides the entire solution, and they host everything! You could have customers ordering their meal and paying for it from home, with a quick dash in-store to collect within minutes!


Eftpos Now is proud to be a trusted supplier of SalesPoint POS and believe it to be a worthwhile investment for businesses who maintain around 100 SKUs or less. The SalesPoint POS is developed in New Zealand, and Eftpos Now has proudly partnered with their innovative team to provide an incredible, portable payment and reporting platform. The SalesPoint team are constantly developing the system based on customer and reseller feedback and there are already new innovations on the horizon.

User friendly yet sophisticated, SalesPoint POS enables businesses to provide their customers with exceptional service. If you are looking to improve your business outcomes, it is the right time to invest in SalesPoint POS. Ask our team for more information by phoning 0800 33 33 04 to explore all in one POS and other POS products.