Hosting an event is a great way to bring together existing and potential customers, showcase goods and services, promote your business, and entertain. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large-scale concert, trade fair or Expo, equipping yourself with a reliable payment platform and record keeping system is critical. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of implementing an event POS System at your next gathering or pop-up sale.

Does Eftpos Now sell and rent event POS systems?

Yes! Don’t let our name fool you, we’re not just New Zealand’s leading EFTPOS terminal specialists, we are also reputable stockists of countertop and portable POS systems. The more comprehensive long-term rental service includes delivery and installation throughout New Zealand, and we always provide full support throughout the entire consultation, sale, and after-sales experience.

Our dedicated POS consultant and technicians are knowledgeable in all aspects of programming, reporting, and troubleshooting and will ensure the software and hardware provided is appropriate for your industry, business workflow, objectives, and user preferences.

Eftpos Now have intentionally partnered with one software company (Idealpos) to provide a software solution that is buildable, simple to navigate, and very stylish. This partnership ensures we have access to the latest upgrades, release notes and innovations.

We often speak with clients who are not acquainted with event POS systems other than as patrons or customers. We easily demonstrate how easy it is to switch to the merchant side of the transaction and experience the benefits of a robust POS system. 

We also provide consultancy services to business owners who have an existing POS system and are exploring the possibility of changing suppliers. Where there are questions around integration and compatibility, we provide honest recommendations, drawing on both our extensive experience and the vast network of partners, friendly competitors and advisors who provide us with up-to-date industry information. These reciprocal relationships are extremely valuable to us and helps us keep abreast of fast-changing technologies.

This process is simplified for one-off short-term rentals as there is often no need to recruit elaborate programming, software modules and reporting functions. 

As our POS page says, ‘A great event POS system should work with you, not against you’. We are opposed to the cookie cutter approach that POS-in-a-box solutions offer and will help you tailor a customised POS system that fits your business to a tee. We seek first to understand our clients, then set about making it happen!

What is a POS system?

A Point-of-Sale system is simply the place where payment is transacted in return for a product or service. A basic point of sale system is the cash register (also known as a till) which was a means of calculating, recording, and storing cash payments. From its humble mechanical beginnings through its many electronic iterations, the cash register paved the way to more sophisticated sales analysis which graduated to POS systems that are sleek, slimline, and intelligent. Bar code scanning revolutionised transactional accuracy and speed and is one of the greatest benefits of using a point-of-sale system.

The modern POS system can be intuitive, multi-store, both customer and merchant facing, with multiple hardware configurations and integrations. A basic starter kit would be made up of touchscreen POS terminal, cash drawer, thermal receipt printer and EFTPOS terminal (scanner optional). In a short-term rental arrangement, a back office or admin terminal would not normally be required so there would be a single licence for each POS bundle.


Many of our short-term rental clients who opt for POS lanes are clients already using bar code systems to transact (via a scanner). They can quickly produce a report of all barcodes, descriptions, and prices, which aids in the programming of the POS terminals (these are also easily uploaded and cloned to additional terminals).

If scanning is not practical, we also cater to food/coffee carts, beverage stands and merchandisers who manually select the appropriate items on touchscreen.

In both instances, the final transaction is transmitted directly to the integrated EFTPOS terminal thus eliminating keying errors. Add-ons (for customisation of coffee orders, for example) and grouping promotional bundles (when several items attract a special price when purchased together) is simple and fluid.

Profile of a short-term POS client

Our POS clients vary from clients who are occupying a kiosk in a shopping mall for a few months to large wholesalers who conduct much anticipated warehouse and pop-up sales. Large concert promoters trust us with the comprehensive volumes, logistics and support these mega events demand.

Sellers of merchandise enjoy the visibility of inventory management tools (which is available via an app to a mobile phone, in real time) and check out speed.

Often our short-term renters want an event POS system that is basic enough that user/staff training does not need to be long winded and extensive. They want to hit the ground running, and reap the rewards immediately, and we ensure this is achievable.

Benefits of an event POS system

Staff management, security, and audit logs

Even when renting on a short-term basis, security around inventory, time keeping, cash handling and refunds is still beneficial. Our event POS systems can record and isolate certain functions thus providing peace of mind for all parties.

Better Inventory Control

Event POS systems are geared toward stock management and inventory control. You can easily track sales of each item or service you offer, identify trends, and replenish stock where necessary. This insight improves decision making, planning, rosters, and purchase orders. (In long term rental/purchase scenarios, you can also monitor breakages and best before dates!)

Customer information

Build customer lists and profiles and ultimately target sales and loyalty programmes to their preferences and behaviours. Email receipts, retain customer purchase history and add value to the shopping experience with this unique personalised approach.

event pos Sales

Sales accuracy and speed

Clerk entry mistakes are minimised, and bills can easily be split where necessary. Transactions are quick with little margin for error with effortless recognition of promotions and sales.

Aesthetics and signage

Let’s face it, POS systems look sleek and professional. Outward facing terminals can be programmed to display advertisements and receipts can be printed promotional information, contact information and multi-channel information.

Easy maintenance

Although not a requisite in a short-term rental scenario, the ability to review, maintain and update data, descriptions, attributes, pricing, and promos is simple and quick. 


A POS system is extremely worthwhile when hosting an event where service delivery requires speed and accuracy. You can avoid the bulk of cash registers, free up counter space and keep queuing to a minimum. An event POS system would be extremely beneficial at your next gathering.

Talk to our dedicated POS consultant or our Short-term Rental consultant, to see if the traditional POS System is right for your next event, or if the portable event POS option would be a better suited to your needs.

Elevate your business with our flexible rentals! Whether it’s an event, pop-up shop, or seasonal business, hire an EFTPOS or POS machine from us. Enjoy ‘Tap & Go’ payments, stock management, and sales analysis on the go. From 1-day events to 5-month bookings, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now and make your next venture a success!