Investing in a retail POS system is a worthwhile decision that will impact your business in countless ways. From tracking inventory and sales to processing payments and managing customer information, a POS system is an essential tool in the modern retail and hospitality landscape. With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to figure out which retail POS system is right for you. In this buying guide, we’ll break down the key factors to consider when shopping for a NZ POS system so that you are confident you are making an informed decision.

Hardware Requirements

Before you start exploring POS software, it’s important to determine the hardware requirements for your retail or hospitality establishment. The basic POS bundle is made up of the touchscreen tablet, receipt printer, scanner, and a cash drawer. These components are versatile and scalable so you can add or subtract elements to suit your business. For example, if you do not accept cash, you won’t require a cash drawer or if your products do not have barcodes, you won’t need a scanner. 

Conversely, you may need to add a kitchen docket printer which prints directly to the chef, bar, or barista as this will reduce the need for staff to leave their stations to relay orders. A customer facing tablet has many advantages and ensures customers have visibility of their order and total spend. These additional peripherals not only enhance the customer experience, but your staff will be eternally grateful for time-saving devices that modernise their workplace, leaving them to focus their energy on delivering exceptional, personal service. 

Our kiosks (pedestal and wall mounted) are a hugely popular addition to your POS and we would love to talk you through the benefits of adopting this technology and elevating your service levels to that of leading fast-food restaurants.

Software Features

The next step in choosing a retail POS system is deciding which software features are important to your business operations. Do you need real-time inventory tracking and sales data? Are you looking for a cloud-based system that can be accessed remotely? Are customer relationship management tools essential to your business to help you devise targeted marketing campaigns? Consider the specific aspects of your business that would benefit from a POS system, and we will customise the software to elevate your business to new heights.

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Ease of Use

Eftpos Now takes the time to understand your business and any pain points that can be eliminated through automation. We don’t talk at you; we talk with you to understand where you see your business is headed and how you envision creating the perfect sale. 

A POS system is only as good as its user interface. The last thing you want is to spend money on a retail POS system that is clunky and difficult to navigate hence we promote a logical, state of the art solution that has been refined by years of development and customer feedback. Idealpos has an intuitive interface that your employees will be able to learn quickly and this is always appreciated in a time-critical environment. Our partnership with Idealpos has created a symbiotic relationship that has produced a POS solution that is superior to many NZ POS systems in the marketplace.

Customer Support

Our help desk technicians are knowledgeable, reliable, and accessible. We have established a close relationship with Idealpos and are fully proficient in every aspect of their software. Our customers cite this as one of the reasons they enjoy our retail POS systems so much.

Any technological investment comes with the risk of technical glitches from time to time, and Eftpos Now understands that problems at your ordering and payment platform require swift action. Our 24/7 helpdesk ensures our hospitality and restaurant clients are serviced regardless of the time of day. We act quickly to get you back up and running and our freephone number proves we mean business when it comes to customer satisfaction. We don’t stop because we know your business doesn’t either. 

POS-in-a-box solutions have flooded the market and if they don’t offer New Zealand based freephone customer support this can spell disaster when you find yourself in need of urgent assistance.

Pricing and Payment Options

It’s important to consider the pricing and payment options available to you. We sell POS systems outright, and we offer rental agreements of varying rental durations that suit your business and budget. The software component is a subscription-based model which includes regular updates and support. We can acquaint you with this aspect of POS ownership and ensure you don’t have to give it too much thought in the future.

The EFTPOS terminal is the central payment tool in the POS system, and this requires a merchant number which we can help you obtain. Transacting over EFTPOS incurs merchant services fees (from your bank) and network fees (from the network provider). These fees are a fundamental monthly business expense.

Business needs

It is a worthwhile exercise to sit with your team and determine what features you need in a retail POS system. Consider the number of items or SKUs you have (including sizes, colours, and product variations), staff headcount, loyalty programs and accounting requirements. Armed with this information, we can formulate a quote and solution that fits your business like a glove.


With each successive year in business, you and your team will evolve to better understand seasonality, customer preferences, hero products and services, and workflow. What worked when the business was first launched may not be relevant after a few years and you might have also become more inquisitive about certain aspects of inventory management and sales analysis. We deliberately partnered with Idealpos to provide a solution that can expand and contract with your business. Their software modules are buildable and keep abreast of technological advancements and ever-changing consumer demands.

Accessed online, you can customise your POS effortlessly and have your finger on the pulse of your business remotely whilst exploring more features to improve efficiency.


In summary, choosing a retail POS system is a crucial step in ensuring the smooth operation of your retail business. Whether you are looking for real-time inventory management, customer relationship tools, or simply a streamlined payment processing system, it’s crucial to consider the following before coming to a decision:

  • Your hardware requirements
  • Software features
  • Ease of use
  • Customer support options
  • Pricing models
  • Business needs
  • Futureproofing

By taking the time to evaluate your specific needs, Eftpos Now will ensure you make your retail POS system investment with confidence.

Don’t settle for mediocre NZ POS systems. Partner with Eftpos Now and enjoy a cost-effective point of sale experience in NZ. Discover the power of tailored solutions by visiting our Point of Sale Systems page today. Your business deserves the best!