Posiflex TK-3230

Paragon TK-3200 Series.Packed with functionality and convenience in an appealing design, the Paragon TK-3200 Series is a 32″ interactive kiosk that is suited for retail stores, quick service, and fast casual restaurants. It serves as a seamless extension of the existing POS terminals, helping store owners to drive sales during peak times, and offers various ways for consumers to order, pay and engage with brands.

  • Pole or wall mounted slimline Kiosk
  • Also available in Dual Pole Mounting
  • Standard with 3" Printer, Camera, Proximity Sensor and Status Indicator
  • Intel Bay Trail J1900 Quad Core CPU, up to 2.42 GHz, 2M Cache
  • Easy Maintenance - all accesable from the front
  • Many options available:
  • Scanner, MSR, Fingerprint reader, Wide angle Camera, proximity sensor


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