Stringent hygiene practices have become a high priority in the last few years. Your staff and your valued customers will want to be sure that good cleaning habits have created the healthiest environment for them to visit. It is important that surfaces and equipment we interface with are clean and hygienic. EFTPOS terminals are no different and even with the popularity of contactless payments, all surfaces in your place of business, particularly where customers are dining, require cleaning to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to clean your EFTPOS terminal.

Step 1: Unplug your EFTPOS terminal

Before you start cleaning your EFTPOS terminal, always make sure that it is unplugged and turned off to avoid the risk of electrocution. It is best to perform the cleaning after hours, so you are less likely to have to use it when there is moisture present.

Step 2: Slightly dampen a microfibre cloth

Avoid cleaning products, all-purpose sprays, window cleaning sprays and vinegar as these have a surprisingly abrasive effect on the components of the EFTPOS terminal. Avoid using paper towels also as these can scratch the screen. A dampened microfibre cloth will be adequate for cleaning. Mind the charging pins when cleaning and ensure they do not become saturated when removing dust and grime.

Step 3: Sanitise if necessary

Use a gentle isopropyl/alcohol-based wipe to gently sanitise the unit. Use sparingly and do not wet the surfaces excessively.

Sanitise eftpos terminal

Step 4: Use a soft brush

Gently brush the terminal crevices and keys to dislodge debris such as coffee grinds and dust. When cleaning the unit, ensure you do not drop or shake the terminal as this may trigger an alert irruption/tamper alert which can result in the terminal needing repair or replacement.

Step 5: Dry the EFTPOS terminal

Finally, let the terminal air dry or wipe it down with a clean microfibre cloth to remove any residual moisture.

Remember these simple tricks for extending the life of your EFTPOS terminal:

  • Avoid bending the cable at any point along the length of the cord (unless bundled in a tidy loop for convenience)
  • Keep the terminal away from potential liquid damage. (If you are in a bar/hospitality environment, ask us about our screen protectors/wet covers)
  • Never spray cleaner directly onto keys or any components
  • Place your terminal in a location where it is less likely to be dropped from a height. Consider setting it on a low counter-top or ask about our 2-piece models where the pin pad/scanner is separate to the main part of the EFTPOS terminal
  • Consider purchasing a cleaning card to clean the swipe reader slot
  • Take care when plugging and unplugging charging cables as these can easily become distorted and bent
  • Don’t overcharge your terminal. Like a cell phone, regularly charging your EFTPOS terminal can affect the battery life
  • Never jam EFTPOS rolls in the printer to stop the terminal from printing receipts as this can damage the spindle
  • Keep the terminal away from direct sunlight to prevent it from overheating and to stop the thermal paper becoming discoloured
  • Check for frayed or broken cables and call our technical helpdesk if you need replacement parts.

Renting or purchasing an EFTPOS terminal can be a sizable overhead for all businesses so Eftpos Now wants to ensure you keep the terminal in top shape so it can keep performing at its best. While our rental agreement covers faults, it does not cover damage due to dropping or liquid spills.

Ask us for advice about keeping your terminal in great condition to avoid downtime and disruptions due to damage. Enquire about our consumables, accessories, and replacement components.

cleaning eftpos terminal


Safety and hygiene must be a top priority when it comes to EFTPOS terminals and any other devices used in daily business transactions. Understanding how to clean your EFTPOS terminal and doing that regularly is crucial to keep it functioning properly while ensuring the safety of your clients and customers. By following these steps routinely, you can have peace of mind that you have done your part in keeping the surfaces and parts clean, sanitised and free from flaws. Following the right cleaning and maintenance protocols can improve the longevity of your EFTPOS terminal which will save you money in the long run.

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