If you are planning an event, whether it is a small fundraiser or a major festival, it is essential that you set yourself up to accept payments from attendees and customers. Once you have determined that EFTPOS is the superior way to do this, you should consider taking transactional reporting and inventory management to a new level by hiring a POS system that records ticket, merchandise, food, and beverage sales.

Eftpos Now is pleased to offer 2 incredible POS systems. The 1st is a portable POS system where the EFTPOS terminal has POS software programmed into it. This effectively provides all your POS capabilities, as well as the payment platform, on one handheld device.

The 2nd is the ubiquitous countertop Point of Sale (POS) bundle. It is an excellent solution because it securely processes payments and tracks inventory and sales with the capacity to accept a huge menu and hundreds of SKUs. Thanks to the Idealpos software that Eftpos Now uses exclusively, data is accessible, menus are easy to program, and navigation is extremely straight forward. 

How much does it cost to hire a POS device for an event? In this post, we’ll look at the different factors we consider when compiling a quotation and why the hiring a POS for your events is a wise choice.

Quotation Considerations

The cost of hiring a POS device for an event can vary depending on factors such as the duration of the event, the complexity of the programming, and the components/peripherals that will make up the POS system. 

When you approach Eftpos Now or our specialist POS branch of the business, Pos Now, to look at POS options for your event, we will ensure the initial fact-finding conversations provides us with a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs.

price to hire pos and Quotation Considerations

Expected Attendance

One of the most important prerequisites will be understanding the number of concertgoers, customers, or attendees you will be catering to. We have vast experience with large concerts and can honestly advise on the ideal number of counters with EFTPOS and POS that will service your patrons. With the order quantity determined we can then prepare a quotation that will reflect the quality of the equipment used and the support that we will dedicate to making your event a success.


Although we do not supply Wi-Fi to venues, we do have reliable contacts in the industry that we recommend to our clients. These contacts can ensure you have access to the most appropriate means of communication, taking into consideration geographical factors, number of bars and counters, and the type of event being hosted. 

Event Duration

The length of the event will have a bearing on the price quoted. No matter the length of the concert/festival, our newest hero product, the T650P, has the battery life to go the distance. You’ll be trading as quickly and efficiently on the last day of your event as you did on the first!


Menus, programming, products, and pricing are easily edited through the cloud, but we like to ensure the foundational programming is set up well ahead of your event so you can trade as soon as your first patron/customer rocks up. We’ve thought of everything related to payments, so you don’t have to, and we’ll ensure the merchant services aspect of EFTPOS hiring process is seamless.


We will ensure your equipment makes it to the venue safely and moves with you if you’re planning on moving from venue to venue. We also ensure we liaise with any of your suppliers/team who will directly affect our ability to provide our service. As an event organiser, you can appreciate that events require collaboration, and we are sticklers for great communication and responsiveness.

where can i find merchant id


We don’t do POS-in-a-box solutions and would never expect our clients to receive a serious amount of technology without having our expert team members on hand to help install and train event staff. While a small POS order is very easy to get up and running, an event will warrant the attendance of our specially trained event staff. Contact us to explore the possibility of having our team onsite during the entire event. With POS set up and pack down and everything in between taken care of, your event staff are free to get on with delivering an amazing experience, knowing we will pounce on any POS related glitches.

Cost of Hiring a POS: Conclusion

As you can see, Eftpos Now does not cut corners and takes events, concerts, and festivals very seriously. We have proven time and time again that excellent preparation makes for successful payment platform performance and can tailor the perfect solution to suit your needs.

We have enduring partnerships with Idealpos on our desktop POS systems, and Salespoint on our portable POS terminals, so we’re proficient in all aspects of their operation. Our long-term clients use these systems so we’re no strangers to the inner workings of these solutions and can help you use them to their optimum. 

When you read our Google Reviews you’ll get a sense that it’s not just our SME businesses who benefit from our personal service. Our large companies, franchises and large event organisers trust us to ensure they transact with minimum hassle. 

We avoid a cookie cutter approach to events, markets, concerts, and festivals, so providing a quotation requires an in-depth conversation covering all the factors outlined in this article. We’re unique in the NZ marketplace in that we deploy a team member, or more, to ensure that the support Eftpos Now provides is personal, direct, and swift. We believe in quality products and services and are enjoying partnering with more and more event organisers and entertainment companies throughout the country. 

Call one of our friendly consultants now to discuss your next event and discover how hiring a POS can elevate your sales to new heights.

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